Paper Bags for Symmetry 6 Series (6 Pack)


Simplicity Type A ultra filtration paper bags fit the Simplicity Symmetry upright vacuums. Comes in a pack of 6.

Applicable vaccum models include: 

  • Symmetry S20E and S20ENT
  • Heavy DUty SHD-1T 6-Series
  • 5-Series upright vacuums 5000A, 5000B, 5200, 5300 and 5500C


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Ultra-filtration Type A paper bags fit Simplicity clean air vacuums, including: Symmetry models S20E and S20ENT, Simplicity Heavy Duty model SHD-1T, 6-Series household and commercial upright models, 5-Series uprights including 5000A, 5000B, 5200, 5300 and 5500C. These bags fit the older Symmetry body styles SYME, SYMENT, SYMCL, SYMS, SYMST, SYMD, SYMDL, SYMP and SYMPBP. They fit the patriotic promotional Symmetry models SYMCL.USA, SYM.USAFS and SYMUSA.SU, commercial models SYMC, SYMCNT and SYMCBP. These bags do not fit the 20 Series uprights except for S20E and S20ENT (see SAH-6 bags).


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