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Jill Canister with HEPA Media Bag & Filter

Model # JILL

Don't forget The Bags!

If this is your first Simplicity vacuum, you will be amazed how much your first cleaning will capture.

HEPA Media Bags for Compact Canisters SZH-6 (6 Pack)

Replacement bags for the Jill, Jack and Snap canisters.


HEPA Media and Secondary Filter Set for Jill Canister SF-I4

Give your Jill vacuum a fresh start with a new HEPA media and secondary filter set.


Pet Hair Beware Fur Remover

If you wonder whether your pet or your couch has more hair, or if you can't leave the house without cleaning hair from your clothes with a lint brush, we've got the tool for you!


Doom for Your Broom Rug/Floor Tool

The Doom for Your Broom floor tool whisks away dust and pet hair on bare floors and area rugs.


Microfiber Floor Pads (3 Pack)

Need more pads for your Floor It cleaning system? These soft-as-a-lamb microfiber pads can be washed and reused.