The S65 is a cordless, multi-function, lightweight wonder.

It's perfect for a host of living spaces, from dorm rooms to mansions.  

A Ton of Great Features: 

  • HEPA Filtration - Captures dust and particles as small 0.3 microns. The filter easily snaps in place above the dust cup. It's super easy to change.
  • It's Cordless - No more tripping over the cord or worrying about when you'll reach the end of it's reach. Just turn on and start cleaning!
  • Pet Cleanup  - If your cat or dog tracks in dirt or leave hair behind, whip out your S65 and clean it up.
  • Lightweight - Pushing some vacuums can be a workout. The S65 comes in at just 5.5 pounds, so you'll have energy to spare after you're done.
  • Maneuverable - The head has a unique neck that turns 180 degrees. Perfect for getting around corners or changing directions on a dime!
  • Modular - Remove the wand, attach a tool, and use as a handheld vac. Or attach tools to the wand to reach high places.

Wonderfully modular and utilitarian

Clean any type of mess

Quickly tidy up upholstered furniture

Reach high place where dust hides

The Three S65 Models


Comes with the multi-floor head and crevice tool/dusting brush/upholstery combo tool.


Upgrade from the Standard and get an additional upholstery tool and a turbo pet tool (ideal for pet hair) with its own brush roll.


Go Premium and get the upholstery tool, pet tool, and also an extra battery, angle adapter, and the amazing soft roller head, which works wonders on hard floors.

 The Vacuum Wars Review

The dedicated vacuum channel "Vacuum Wars" put the S65 through its paces and got some surprising results, including: 

  • Excellent suction, especially at high power setting
  • Reallly smooth swivel
  • Sealed HEPA system

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The S65 on Designing Spaces

Simplicity S65 made its television debut on Designing Spaces, the home improvement show that appears on Lifetime network. 

Meet the Carvajal family. With two adults, triplets and two large dogs, their bare floors needed a lot of love. Simplicity S65 to the rescue! Kristi Tacony Humes, CEO of Tacony Corporation, maker of Simplicity Vacuums, and Simplicity Vacuums director of business development Josh May personally visited the Carvajal's home in Florida to talk about healthy cleaning and demonstrate why the S65 is the perfect solution for them. We stepped inside the Carvajal's home and met the family on Designing Spaces, on the Lifetime network.