Best Vacuum for Allergies 

We all know someone who struggles during allergy season every year. Is there a vacuum that helps minimize airborne dust and other particles that make you sneeze? YES! Here at Simplicity Vacuums, we believe the Allergy Upright with HEPA media bag and filter is the best vacuum for allergies.

While Simplicity vacuums cannot reduce things like pollen outside the home, we have created a machine equipped with both a HEPA media bag and filter to reduce airborne particles inside your home. This means over 99% of particles 0.3 microns or larger (a.k.a. super tiny particles) are captured and no longer in the air you breathe. We love cleaning at Simplicity, but we also love keeping the air around us clean, too.

There are lots of machines on the market that contain either a HEPA media filter or bag, but the Simplicity Allergy Upright with HEPA Media Bag and Filter contains both. We're confident this machine will help reduce the number of tissues used in your household. Happy cleaning!