Work isn’t always fun and games, even here at Simplicity, where we’re all about keeping things simple, fun and focused on clean. But the day we went off site to do photo and video shoots for the new S65 vacuum was most definitely a fun day.

First, Some Housekeeping

The S65 is Simplicity’s newest specialty vacuum. It’s lightweight, cordless and has multiple uses and configurations. If you notice it looks like a lot of other similar vacuums, you’re not wrong. We wouldn’t have put our name on this machine if we couldn’t add something to it or offer it at a better price. So we did both. Before we go any further, let’s talk about what’s different about the S65 than other cordless multi-use vacuums.

Easily Removable Battery

Just press the release buttons on either side of the battery, and pull the battery out. Slide the new battery in until it clicks. It’s THAT easy! A competitor’s vacuum requires you to remove the dust cup, unscrew it, lay the vacuum flat, unscrew the handle, unscrew the battery and then put it all back together again, which probably takes about five minutes and that’s if you have the screwdriver and appropriate work surface all ready to go. We thought that was about five minutes too long, so we made it simpler and faster to change out.

Plus the S65 lets you charge the battery in the machine when it’s mounted in the tool organizer or plugged directly into the nozzle. We love options.

On/Off Switch Doesn’t Require You to Hold Down the Trigger

We’re not sure if Sore Finger Syndrome is a thing, but similar vacuums require you to hold down the trigger the entire time you’re using the machine. Just for fun, grab one of your kids’ water guns and hold down the squirt trigger for seven minutes. Now you’re a casualty of Sore Finger Syndrome. That’s why the S65 has a trigger you don’t have to keep pulling to operate.

One competitor’s vacuum has a power button on top that requires you to use a second hand to turn it on. We don’t want to say we’re lazy, but anything we can do to make household chores easier is preferred. We hope you agree.

Two-Speed Motor

When full power is overkill, you can turn the power to low speed. This is great for cleaning wood floors and when you don’t want to suck up something unintentionally. Curtains, cords or collectible bells can breathe a sigh of relief.

Multiple Nozzles and Tools

If you’ve ever gotten frustrated because you needed a different tool or better leverage with a wand, we feel your pain. We tried to fix that with the S65. It comes with six attachments and at least 16 configurations. Some of the tools are angled, and one is a 90-degree angled attachment. There’s an ultra-plush nozzle for gentle but complete cleaning of bare floors and an electric nozzle with a headlight for rugs and carpets. How about a turbo brush for removing pet hair from your couch? Yep, it’s in there, along with an upholstery tool and combination crevice tool and dusting brush with sturdy nylon bristles.

Floor Storage Caddy with Optional Wall Mount

The S65 has two ways to store tools and the machine itself. There’s an optional storage wall mount hook in case you want to hang your S65 on the wall. But you don’t have to wreck your wall if you don’t want. You can hang your hat (and your vacuum) on the tool organizational caddy. The beauty of the caddy is you don’t have to root around through bags and boxes to find the one tool you need at the bottom of the pile. All tools are visible and easy to grab, and the S65 sits right on top. You can whip it out as fast as you like.

That brings us back to our original statement about having a blast at our photo shoot. Sarah, one of our marketing brand analysts, sometimes spends eight hours posing with vacuums, tools and hoses at our photoshoots. The S65 is five-and-a-half pounds, and the base unit without the wand and floor nozzle is a wisp over 3 pounds. Like the newest toy, everybody wanted to try it out for cleaning every surface, high and low, change configurations, try out all the attachments, empty it, twirl it around, and holster it in the caddy. Below is a still shot from a video we texted to the Simplicity team.

When was the last time you had fun vacuuming and had your family fighting over who got to use it? Well the S65 might change all that because it’s fun and easy to use. The price is just $399.99. Call or visit your local Simplicity retailer for a quick demo. If you buy one, visit our Facebook page and send us a picture of you and the S65 cleaning up your favorite or most frequent mess.

*Runtimes vary based on floor surface, charge level and age of battery.