When I was a kid I’d wake up Saturday mornings and set my plans for the day - CARTOONS FOREVER! And then my parents would swoop in with other plans – CHORES! This word would instantly make my face pucker, my blankets fling back over my head and the only sounds coming out of me were whines and groans. Chores suck! They’ve always sucked. Yes, I KNOW, “if you’d spend half the time you spend on whining actually doing the chores you’d be done by now,” blah, blah, blah. Reminding me I was whining didn’t change the fact that I hated, dreaded, would-trade-every-troll-doll-in-my-collection to avoid chores. Eventually when I would do the deed and earn the sweet freedom of sitting on my tush in front of the T.V. I would feel accomplished and even brag a little about my job (sometimes) well done.

I’d like to tell you I learned my lesson and never neglected my chores again and would gladly do whatever task my parents had for me, but I didn’t. And now that I’m a mom, I still hate chores. Would-trade-every-shoe-in-my-closet to avoid chores. The difference now, I have minions kids who I can assign them to. But guess what? They hate ‘em, too! So what’s a mom/chore-hater to do?

Option One: Declare a state of emergency in your home and call in the National Guard.

Option Two: Sweet-talk your partner until he/she agrees to hiring a cleaning service… and a nanny… and a masseur.

Option Three: Find the fun and do it together!

While I dream one day option two will be a reality, option three might be what the whole family needs to avoid being lost forever in a sea of clothes, dog hair and toys – let’s find the fun!

How on earth can we make chores fun for all? First, figure out what motivates your kids. For mine, they love competition, especially against each other. So, we had them help us make a checklist where points are doled out for each completed task. Keep it simple, just a piece of paper and let the kids help decorate the list and mark points as earned.

Next, make sure you’ve got the right tool for the job. We’ve got a mixture of carpet and bare floors, stairs, pet and a lot of family get togethers, so we need something to tackle a variety of cleaning tasks and simple to use for anyone in our family. The Simplicity Wonder canister with the premium Tandem Air nozzle was the right fit for us. We can easily reach stairs with the 17-foot attachment hose and wand, capture deep down dirt from the carpets because of the Tandem Air technology and the pet hair removal tool picks up every dog hair off the couch left by our furry little old man (don’t worry, we’re talking about our beloved dog). The best part, one of the tasks the kids can earn points for is emptying the vacuum of all the dirt we collect. Thankfully, the Simplicity Wonder canister, and so many of the Simplicity full size vacuums, has a HEPA media bag with a self-closing collar so anyone in the house can remove the dirt from the house forever without it leaking with a poof back into the house.

And finally, reward the cleaning champion with their choice of cartoons you can all watch together and do it all again next week.

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