Clean Has A New Look

Through the years at Simplicity Vacuums, we've developed vacuums with color names like "Watermelon Pink", "Grape Soda", "Grass Green" and "Cardinal Red" (our corporate office is in St. Louis, after all!). We even had a Symmetry vacuum in a color we nicknamed "Toothpaste."

Fast forward to a few months ago when our vacuum molding division – located in St. James, Missouri – decided they were not fond of the rainbow of colors that Simplicity offered in its vacuum lineup. The reason being that to mold the pieces of our vacuums into all our available colors, they had to buy literal tons of different color pellets. Not only did these barrels and barrels of pellets take up a lot of space, but also they resulted a crazy amount of material waste. Any time we wanted to change out the color of a vacuum, we would either have to dispose of the old color pellets – or, worse – mold the remaining pellets into vacuums of that soon-to-be-discontinued color. Both options created unnecessary waste that didn't meet our ethical standards for resourcing and renewability. Simply put (pun not intended) the situation sucked (pun intended).

Clean. Simple. Simplicity.

In 2018 we shifted our focus. We decided to simplify. It is in our name, after all. We shifted our focus to what makes a great vacuum: Something with cleaning performance, features that our customers need, and affordability. That meant spending less time picking out colors and snappy machine names, and more time on making the best vacuums possible. We asked ourselves, "What is clean?" And to us, clean meant simple, bright, light – white!

That's why you'll see our new vacuums in a pearly white finish, along with our new turquoise logo. In a sea of pink, purple, yellow and red vacuums, we hope you'll look for the white vacuum that simply means clean.

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