Admittedly, we don't know that Santa's sleigh is powered by Simplicity vacuums, but if "magically powered", "brightly lit" and "spreading joy" are requirements for the job, then Tandem Air is most certainly qualified.

For the vacuum enthusiast in your family, a Tandem Air vacuum may make you the jolliest of elves in their eyes. Here are a few people who might love the gift of a Tandem Air vacuum.

  • The Pet Lover - Synergy and Synchrony vacuums have a charcoal or granulated charcoal filter that neutralize pet odors inside the bag compartment where it's most effective. What gets our tails wagging is what comes with the Fetch -- a Pet Hair Beware self-cleaning pet tool and a pound of dry carpet cleaner.

  • The Tightwad - A Simplicity Tandem Air upright is an investment. Flooring is expensive, and with care, a Tandem Air upright will deep clean and help preserve or revive the life of your carpets, typically over a decade or longer.*

  • The White Glove Cleaner - All Tandem Air vacuums have earned the Gold Seal of Approval from the Carpet and Rug Institute, where they were tested for soil removal, dust containment and carpet surface appearance change. And if you drop one of those white gloves while vacuuming, the Hall sensor will stop the brushroll and let you pull out the glove -- without breaking the belt!

  • The Sneeze Police - HEPA media filters and self-sealing HEPA media bags put away dust and dander particles with no chance for parole! A long tool reach and the ability to lie flat helps clean under beds and dust-collecting placing like sills and baseboards, shelves and drapes. Synergy vacuums are 100% sealed, making them the perfect cleaning machines for allergy sufferers.

  • The Reducer/Reuser/Recycler - A Tandem Air is a vacuum you'll keep, maybe longer than you keep a car, maybe longer than you'll stay in your current home. With metal in high-wear areas, and parts that can be replaced, these vacuums were built for homes, not for landfills.

Tandem Air uprights are designed and tested to operate for a minimum 10-year lifespan, used an hour a week over 52 weeks per year. Metal brushrolls have replaceable brushstrips, and the belts come with a lifetime warranty.