The start of school typically brings an A+ level of frenzy and clutter. The days grow shorter, traffic gets heavier, and your wallet seems lighter. It’s the textbook equation for stress!

While we can’t do much about the traffic or the rotation of the earth, Simplicity can help busy families and college students manage messes with lightweight, convenient vacuums. Simplicity vacuums can save the day, or at least a little time. No matter what stage of life you’re in, who couldn't use a little time back?

For Your Student

Sending your college student away (to school, that is)? Help them pick and pack a bagless vacuum for cleaning. They’'re easy to use, easy to maintain, and they probably take up less space than a giant case of Ramen noodles. Even if it’s only used once a school year, it won’t break the bank, and it may help get that precious security deposit back. Powerful and versatile enough to pick up popcorn, long hair and dust, they can help keep a dorm room or small apartment tidy. No bags and no belts means no muss, no fuss, and that equals more time to study. Or ... whatever.

For You - After School Starts

Phew! You paid tuition and made the teary hand-off, or watched your kids board the school bus with their new book bags and shiny shoes. Now it’'s time to tackle the next task... cleaning up with whatever you have left after buying those shiny new shoes and 84 "No. 2" pencils and glue sticks. Good news! Simplicity stick vacuums are affordable and convenient. In fact, a cordless Simplicity stick vacuum takes out the whole ordeal of plugging in the vacuum, dragging a cord while you clean and wrapping the cord before storing the vacuum. After-school snack disasters are now NBD (bonus points if you knew that was shorthand for “no big deal”). Use the extra cord-free time to find new emojis to amuse or annoy your kids.

For You, the Empty Nester

Congratulations! Now you've got more time for - pretty much everything. Treat yourself and your floors to a Simplicity vacuum. If you're truly ready to cut the cord, Simplicity rechargeable cordless vacuums give you the freedom to clean where you want.

Cheat Sheet

With multiple choices available, you might need help finding the best answer. Take this quiz and find your perfect match.

Do I need tools?

  • If no, the Spiffy's your vac. Its strength is cleaning only bare floors. It’'s great for a kitchen, bathroom or laundry room. However, Spiffy has a configuration for cleaning with a crevice tool if needed.
  • If yes, the A-Go-Go has a wand and stretch hose, and you can attach a combination crevice tool and dusting brush for cleaning in tight spaces.
  • If yes, the S65 is loaded with tools! Used with or without the wand, it includes a combination crevice tool and dusting brush, an upholstery tool, and a hand turbo brush. There’s even a 90-degree angle adapter to give the right angle for cleaning.

Do I need to clean carpeting?

  • If no, the Spiffy is perfect for you.
  • If no, but you need tools, Or use the A-Go-Go if you want tools.
  • If yes, the S65 has a carpet floor nozzle with LED lights. While it’s not right for ultra-plush carpet, it works well on low-pile carpet and area rugs.

Do I have a problem with power cords?

  • If no, Spiffy is a great value if you don’t need tools and you’re only cleaning bare floors.
  • If yes, the S65 and A-Go-Go will get you all teched out. A-Go-Go sits in a standing floor charging station, and the S65 can be plugged into the floor storage caddy. When fully charged, the chargers reduce to a “trickle charge” to protect the battery.

Do I have a mix of floor types?

  • If yes, the S65 cleans both carpet and bare floors. With both a carpet floor nozzle and a soft bare floor nozzle plus tools, the S65 goes to the head of the class.

Your quiz is complete, and you passed with flying colors! Now pick up a Simplicity stick today. They’re all simple to use, easy to maintain and perfect for college students and busy families. Shop now, or visit your nearest Simplicity retailer.