Today we’re introducing our newest bundle of joy, our new Simplicity Vacuums website. It’s September 18, 2018, and although we’re safely tucked in the middle of the country, we have retailers and customers displaced from their homes and businesses on the East Coast due to Hurricane Florence. Keeping families and homes safe and clean is all we think about, so our thoughts and best wishes are with them as they clean up and rebuild.

Back to our website -- we’ve updated it to make it easy to use from your mobile device while simplifying your shopping experience. Our aim was to make shopping easier and to help you find what you need faster. We’ve also added product filters and a “Find by Living Space” feature to help you select your next vacuum. This should take some of the mystery out of finding which vacuum is right for you.

We’ve revamped our product review process. However we couldn’t bring any of the existing product reviews to the new site because our new process requires you to create an account to post a review. So, we’re starting with a clean slate. Don’t worry, your previously registered warranty information has been safely secured.

Speaking of a clean slate, we’ve added Simply Clean, a cool blog we think you’ll enjoy. We’ll provide cleaning tips, details on current promotions, and some articles written by – or about – some of the people behind Simplicity Vacuums. We’ve all got our favorite vacuums, stories to tell, and a little bit of an obsession over vacuums and cleaning.

So welcome to our new site! Let us know what you think on Facebook.