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Better choice then a cordless rechargeable! This really is a great product. I spent considerable time researching options for stick vacuums to use primarily on kitchen hardwood floors & bathrooms. I did not want to spend a lot of $$ for a Dyson or other models that include a multitude of attachments & carpet cleaning uses. I was looking for a simple, high quality, easy to use stick vac. My preference would have been a cordless, rechargable unit for ease of use, but I have found them to be unreliable for long term use & expensive. I have owned 2 high end units that both died after a year or two with infrequent home use. I have spoken to several people that have had similar experiences and people at the vacuum shops also commented that the batteries commonly stop taking a charge and the units and motors cannot match up to a high quality corded unit like this Simplicity model. The S60 has a very strong 2 speed motor and is comfortable to use with an adjustable handle that extends out and an easy to empty bin. The 30 foot cord allows me to cover a lot of ground. The wheels and bumper make this an easy to use vac and the quality is apparent. I also have an inexpensive Dirt Devil corded vac we use in the lower level which works fine but does not compare at all to the quality & ease of use of the Simplicity. I was pleasantly surprised how much I liked this unit and it was a much better choice then the battery operated cordless models that need to be replaced so often as they stop working. This unit is a little more expensive then the Hoover's & Bissel's, etc., but Simplicity seems to make high quality products that have proved themselves over time. I can also appreciate all of the filters (including HEPA) included with the unit that I don't often find in the less expensive models. I also appreciate that I'm not always having to plug in a battery to charge, & find a place near an outlet to store the unit, & worry about the battery running out of juice. The corded unit avoids all of those issues and I can use it as long as necessary to get the job done.

stevilad (review on Amazon.com 11/2/19)

Hello. I wanted to write and let you know that the Simplicity vacuum that I have is amazing!!!! I received it as a wedding present 29 years ago!!! I am still using it. I wanted to include a picture I took of my 28 year old using it and a picture of my father in law using it when the 28 yr old was just born!! (this won't let me put pix in). Besides the belt slipping every once in a while (which I have learned to fix) and a cracked base, the vacuum has survived my 4 boys. There are not many things, now a days, that last more than 20 years. I just wanted to thank you for making a superior product/vacuum!!

Jody D. Email 7/2017

This is the best vacuum ever!! Thank you!!

Aaron T., Kansas City, MO. Proud owner of an S20EZM

I need the lightness of the vacuum due to back problems and am very happy with it.

Katherine – Brooklyn Park, MN. Proud owner of a Freedom (F3700) since 2009

I recommend your vacuum to all my friends… I love it!

Diane - Phoenix, AZ. Proud owner of a Simplicity Symmetry (SYMS) since 2007

My Simplicity 7350 had a four year warranty. Excellent cleaner! Motor died after eleven years. I plan to buy another this weekend.

Teachal – You Tube. Proud owner of a Simplicity since 2000

I own 2 Simplicity vacuums. One is a model I purchased 14 years ago that needs to be serviced, the newer model S24. The newer model did a great job picking up hair from our long haired white cat and mutt dog, etc.

Lilla – San Francisco, CA. Proud owner of an S24 since 1997