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Floor It Bare Floor Tool for Wonder


The Floor It tool with micropad attaches to the Simplicity Wonder wand to clean and polish floors.

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This tool attaches easily to your vacuum wand for cleaning bare floors and stairs. It's 11.75 inches wide with soft, scalloped natural bristles. The soft-as-a-lamb microfiber pad detaches from the base and can be washed and reused. Spare microfiber ppads are available by ordering part # MFP-3.

This tool is compatible with these Simplicity vacuum models:
Wonder Canister with Compact Nozzle (Part # WONDERP.CPN)
Wonder Canister with Full Size Nozzle (Part # WONDERP.FSN)
Wonder Canister with Tandem Air Nozzle (Part #WONDERP.TAD)
Wonder Tandem Air Premium (Part # WONDERP.TAP)
Wonder Straight Suction Canister (Part # WONDER.4SS)