The Day Grime City was Saved

Grime City was a void. The already dusty, dirty day had taken a turn. It was the worst glitter storm that the town had ever seen, and every single vacuum had locked themselves in the closet, cowering in fear. Not a single machine could be found on a hardwood floor, carpet, or even reaching above the surface. They had unplugged and powered off. There was no help in sight. 


Suddenly, through the sparkly air, a headlight appeared in the distance. Faint at first, it grew closer until two compact silhouettes could be seen. With barely a sound, they approached slowly at first, and then, sensing the monumentous job ahead of them they revved up to 1-2-3-4-5 - and finally 6 power levels. It was then that from the darkness of their closets the vacuums realized that The Super Suction Grime Fighting Duo had come to save Grime City. 


The Scout, with its extended reach, obliterated every speck with its long hose and telescopic wand. And the Scout Plus led the way through the dusty town with its headlight, extendable wand, and electric-powered nozzle, even using its durable metal brush roll to capture even the deepest dirt.


But they didn't stop there. They pulled out all their tools, cleaned high and low, and rolled over every type of surface with precision, power, and speed.


And when not one scrap, spot, or particle was left, and their full-bag indicators alerted them, they left, leaving not a trace, thanks to their 3-stage filtration system. Thanks to these two new superheroes, Grime City was saved! With their super suction, super power and speed, and super versatility, they cleaned up on dirt, and debris, leaving the city flawless!


In awe, the other vacuums began to emerge from their hiding places, just in time to see the Grime Fighting Duo, Scout and Scout Plus, speeding off into the spotless beyond.


Oh, and by the way, the townspeople are voting next week to rename Grime City to Scout City!