How Often Should I Vacuuum? 

How often you should be vacuuming your home depends on a whole lot of things. Do you have pets? Do you have allergies? Are you someone that can't stand the sight of dust? Do you have messy youngsters?

If the answer to any of those questions is "yes," don't worry! At Simplicity Vacuums, we like to keep things extra clean. And in order to help you find the answer for your home, we've created a list of recommendations for some of our favorite places to vacuum.

  1. Carpets: at least twice a month

  2. Bare floors: once a week
  3. Car: once a month
  4. Ceiling fan blades: four times a year
  5. Baseboards: four times a year
  6. Stairs: once a month
  7. Windowsills: four times a year
  8. Lint filter in your dryer: once a month