Support Your Local Vacuum Store. Shop Now. 

Look, there are no two ways about it: you're stuck at home with the rest of America. That gives you PLENTY of time to clean. Better yet: your neighborhood vacuum store is considered an essential business so it's still open! That's great news for them and for you. They get to help you keep your house cleaner and safer and you get to help them stay afloat and pay their employees. They're also coming up with new and different services that observe social distancing while still getting you what you need.

Here are a few things they may have ready for you:

Curbside Service

As close to "pull up, throw the vacuum out the window and drive away" as possible. Businesses – vacuum stores included – require employees to wear gloves and wipe down vacuums before and after the repairs are complete. If you're concerned about how your vacuum will be handled, contact the store for details.

Home Delivery

Simplicity retailers may offer home delivery for vacuums and vacuum supplies. You may even be able to have your repaired vacuum dropped off if you're physically unable (or let's face it, afraid) to pick it up. Not all retailers offer this service, so be sure to ask. It's a great way to get the products you need without having to leave home.

Online Purchases

Guess what? Every order placed on is filled by a local retailer. That means it's easier, now more than ever, to support local businesses.

Whether you need a new vacuum, service on your existing vacuum, or just need more bags and a fresh filter, find and support your local Simplicity retailer today. On behalf of Simplicity and our retailers nationwide, thank you for your continued business, and stay safe!