Summertime is almost here! There’s no school, bedtime comes later, and the focus is on fun. Bring on the lemonade stands, pool days, ice cream trucks and most importantly, road trips! Whether you and your family are headed to a lake house, the beach or the mountains, there’s surely going to be lots of messes. No road trip is complete without snacks, and if there’s a beach anywhere in sight, sand is guaranteed to end up in your car.

It’s all fun and games, but you can’t ignore a week’s worth of mess in your car. That’s why at Simplicity Vacuums we recommend the S100 Sport Portable Canister with Shoulder Strap. It’s compact, powerful and comes with a plethora of attachments. It’s just what your car needs! You’ll be able to tackle all the big messes and tiny ones, too. Check out the S100 below.

AND this vacuum is great to bring along with your crew. Lake houses and campers need to be cleaned as well, so why not just bring the Sport along with you? It’s small enough to conveniently store yet powerful enough to get the job done. Don’t forget about the attachments – big and small for all your messes.

Even when the mess is gone, you’ll have memories for a lifetime. Happy Summer!