The S65 on Designing Spaces

Star Worthy Performance


We always knew our S65 was a star, and now it truly is! The Simplicity S65 just made its television debut on Designing Spaces, the home improvement show that appears on Lifetime network. 


Meet the Carvajal family. With two adults, triplets and two large dogs, their bare floors needed a lot of love. Simplicity S65 to the rescue! Kristi Tacony Humes, CEO of Tacony Corporation, maker of Simplicity Vacuums, and Simplicity Vacuums director of business development Josh May personally visited the Carvajal's home in Florida to talk about healthy cleaning and demonstrate why the S65 is the perfect solution for them. We stepped inside the Carvajal's home and met the family on Designing Spaces, which aired on LIfetime on July 30th and August 5th.


At Simplicity, it's a family affair. For 75 years, the Tacony family has been creating products to help protect your health by cleaning your home the right way.  With the introduction of the new S65, we wanted to get this multi-talented machine in the hands of the people we built it for - a busy family looking for easy, convenient and versatile cleaning that really cleans!

Not only does the S65 filter at high efficiency, but it's also super versatile with modular cleaning for all size spaces. It's ideal for bare floors. It's cordless and lightweight, providing mobility and safe use. And with its array of tools, you can truly customize your cleaning. The S65 has up to 15 different configurations - it really is a modular wonder.